Autumn Winter 2020

In the ongoing search for inspiration, American history and classic American style are always a part of the creative conversation. During a drive out to Malibu I noticed a sign for Historic Route 66. Immediately, the idea of the trek from Chicago to Santa Monica sparked an idea.

Autumn Winter 2020 is a collection that is rooted in traditional American workwear, but made with modern detailing and present-day textiles to filter them from the past. Nods to the historic gas stations on Route 66 are presented in “mechanic” pants and shirts, while indigo dyed fabrics emblazoned with Native American prints and embroidery pay homage to the highways pass through the Southwest.

Everybody had driven into Los Angeles on what used to be Route 66. And as you drive in through the desert at night, you can see the glow of Los Angeles from a hundred miles away

The Eagles

Collection Overview

This collection is rooted in traditional American workwear, but made with fabrics to bring them out of the past. Cotton and Nylon blends from Japan give a sleekness, while wools, Italian suede and hand quilting give texture.

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