Daniel T. Gaitor Lomack

Daniel Gaitor-Lomack’s work taps into the social and spiritual dimensions of everyday objects. His idiosyncratic approach to artmaking relies upon a careful balance of chance and deep consideration, allowing for each piece to at once engage his personal history and encourage meditative, individualized interpretation. Encapsulating sculpture, painting, installation, and performance—and a constant hybridization of mediums—his works are developed in cities throughout the world, giving his practice a peripatetic quality and illustrating his creative independence. Psychically-charged materials often find their way to the artist, which he adopts into his creative milieu and continually reconceptualizes in an ongoing dialogue between self, environment, and object. Gaitor-Lomack activates his sculptures in intensely physical performances that demonstrate his ethos of transformation and invoke the art historical traditions of assemblage, conceptual and performance art. A contemporary mythmaker, Gaitor-Lomack is an artist in and of the world, reverent of the traditions that came before him but committed to forging his own path.